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I translate with high proficiency producing smooth and accurate texts. My training in translation, literature, linguistics, journalism and editing enables me to balance between fidelity to the source text and attention to the requirements of the target reader. Freelancing and working for translation agencies give me a good experience in translating in variety of subjects. However, I still exclude medicine and natural sciences (chemistry, physics and biology) from the scope of my work. I have strength in translating texts related to business, literature, music, journalism, humanities and social sciences. I am a qualified member of the Charted Institute of Linguists; therefore, I can certify my translation and the translations of others using my internationally accepted seal. I also have experience in revising, editing and proofreading; I am familiar with al-Sharq al-Awsat, Thompson Reuters and the Economist style guides; I can also compile a style guide and glossary databases for my clients.


I am trained to write for different media outlets including broadcasting and newspapers; and in different genres such as news, feature, book review, music review, and interviews; and in fields such as economics, society, politics and literature in English and Arabic. I have excellent skills in analysing different media discourses and presenting a technical opinion about their forms and contents (please click the portfolio tap for specimen of my writing).  

Business Management

I have a long experience and a wide knowledge in management. This include human resource, finance, accounting and purchasing. I also have strong leadership and teambuilding skills, and commitment to innovation and continuous development. In this regard, I can analyse goals, establish policies, state objectives, put plans, monitor progress and assess performance. In managing project, I can apply may and knowledge and skills to identify objectives, allocate resources, monitor progress and assess performance; this is particularly relevant to translation, culture, writing, publishing and research projects.

 Research Capabilities

I have excellent training and experience in using different scientific methods to conduct research in humanities and social sciences with strong background in research epistemology and ontology. I am master of qualitative research methods such as case study, modelling and benchmarking. I am also familiar with the methods of investigative journalism where I can gather, analyse, and interpret data and prepare reports. My recent research activities include conducting research for many diplomatic missions in Pretoria about Africa and South Africa economics, policies and security.    

Quality management

This is the area of my specialty. In the past three and a half year, I have been studying quality management. My study was culminated by designing a quality management system and a procedure of best practice for the Translation Unit of the African Parliament (this is my MA Dissertation). I can design and develop quality management systems for different service industries and I am totally competent in applying ISO standards such as ISO 9000 and ISO 17100.

Others skills

I have more than 27 years of work experience in many fields. During this period, I accumulated many soft-skills such as patience, tolerance, self-motivation, fast-learning, hardworking and getting the job done no matter what. In addition to these soft-skills, I am well trained in translation, linguistics, literature, journalism, music, and information and communication technologies. So, please contact me and see if I am a perfect fit for your job. I have wealth of experience in a wide-range of situations, and I am always open to new challenges and ideas, and the impossible attracts me more than the difficult.

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